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2017-10-16 Nobuko Utsunomiya

Mokkamestarit, founded in 1990, is the oldest functioning artisan roastery in Finland. Their coffee selection is extremely broad, including single origin coffees, coffee blends and flavored coffees. Mokkamestarit also owns one of the most impressive roasting arsenals in Finland.

Mokkamestarit is the oldest operating artisan roastery in Finland

Reija and Mika from MokkamestaritThe Finnish micro roastery scene was empty in 1990. Coffee was mainly available in the half kilogram packages at grocery stores. However, Reija Paakkinen and Mika Hannuniemi changed this.

In 1990, the duo decided to open a coffee and tea store with an attached coffee shop. They also decided that serving other peoples coffee wouldn’t do. Armed with their shared passion for coffee, tenacity and a 5 kg Probat roaster, they began looking for ways to bring high quality coffees to Finnish people.

Gradually knowledge of Mokkamestarit spread in Pirkanmaa and around Finland. In 1992 the company moved to it’s first location, but as soon as 1995 they already required more space. In 2002 the Mokkamestarit roaster team was joined by Reijas brother Hannu Paakkinen. At this moment, the company is comprised of a coffee and tea special store with an attached coffee shop as well as another store located by their roastery.

The extremely broad coffee selection

On top of the fact, that Mokkamestarit has been in an essential part in creating Finnish specialty coffee culture, they have also had the chance to view the change in the Finns’ flavor preferences first hand. The traditional light roast of 70-80s has been replaced by the more varied selection of today. The owner Reija Paakkinen says that she is happy that nowadays the consumer has a chance to choose, because the selection includes coffees from light to dark and everything in between.

roasted coffee beans from mokkamestarit

A core value for Mokkamestarit is respecting the customer. That means that the customer gets coffee just the way they like it. The selection is extremely broad, including single origin and single estate coffees as well as coffee blends with different roasts. On top of that, they also have an impressive selection of flavored coffees.

The royalty of roasting equipment

Mokkamestarit Probat roasterAnother major value is the continued respect towards the material all through their production process. Since it’s founding Mokkamestarit has invested in high quality roasters, such as the Probat G22 v-46 that they bought in 1995. Nowadays Mokkamestarit use a 60 kg Joper roaster as well as a recently acquired new Probat 25. On top of those, they have multiple smaller roasters or family members as they playfully like to call them.

During the years the Mokkamestarit brand has grown to include the roastery, wholesale all around Finland, two coffee stores, a coffee shop, the Teetaikurit tea brand and the Coffee School, where they teach both professionals and home baristas.

Additionally Mokkamestarit are always ready to offer chances to those in need. For example they have recently started selling “female farmed” -coffees that help women get jobs, lower the need for child labor and enable female farmers to have better starting points to coffee farming.

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