Shipping from ¥490. First delivery for free!

Payment & shipping methods

Payment methods

In our online store, you can pay your purchases with payment cards (credit, debit, visa electron).

A combination card (credit/debit) has credit number on the front side written with big numbers. The debit number is on the backside written with small numbers. You can make a normal card payment with debit number as well which means that the money comes straight from your bank account and you won’t get a credit bill.

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  • SSL secured payments.
  • All payment methods without additional fees.

SLURP Payment Card Help

Valid payment cards are:

MasterCardVISAVisa Electron

Shipping methods


We ship our products worldwide.


Delivery of the SLURP coffee subscription to Japan starts from ¥490. The first coffee ships for free.

The order is designed to fit and will be delivered straight through your home mailbox. Our coffee packages are so thin that they will fit into your mailbox or letterbox. Note that if you order more than 400 grams of coffee the coffee is delivered in separate bags to fit into your mailbox or mail slot.

Delivery time for the first coffee of the SLURP coffee subscription is maximum one week within Finland. To other countries, it might be few days more due to the longer distance (the average delivery time to japan is 8 working days). After the first delivery, you’ll be getting coffees regularly on every other (or fourth) week.