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About us

What Slurp?

Slurp is a coffee subscription service that brings the most delicious artisan coffees straight into your mailbox or workplace. The selection covers already 20 artisan roasters, who send the coffee straight from their roastries to our customers. Fresh, ecological and easy!

Why Finland?

Firstly, Finnish people are coffee experts. They consume coffee the most per capita in the world – 4 or 5 cups per day – and thus they know what is good and bad about coffee.

Secondly, there are many skilled roasters in Finland. Finland is a country of pure nature where people appreciate simple but rich experiences such as picking up berries in a forest in summer and swimming in icy lakes in winter. Enjoying and pursuing the genuine taste in coffee is not an exception for Finnish people who live with and feel happy from pure nature. Finnish roasters are dedicated to their craft to make drinking coffee a rich and fulfilling experience, believing that better coffee makes people’s lives richer.

To people in Japan

First of all, I’m happy about the fact that SLURP is finally launching in Japan. Also I feel deeply grateful about the fact that I, who had had no relations with coffee in my life before, happened to encounter SLURP coffee, fell in love with it, and now I’m in the side where I’m introducing this magnificent and delicious service SLURP to people in Japan.

SLURP has widened my view towards coffee. For those who don’t like coffee because you think it’s bitter, please give SLURP coffee a try. I’m sure you’ll be surprised to know how great the tastes varies. For coffee lovers, please try SLURP coffee, and I’m sure different coffees from various roasteries in Finland, a country which loves coffee, will widen your coffee journey and make it richer. Just as they were and still have been to me…                                                                                                        (Nobuko Linnankoski)

Story about the three innovators

SLURP was founded in the summer of 2014 by the three innovators, Manuel, Rafael and Tero, under the mutual vision “we want to create a world where anyone can enjoy delicious and high quality coffee in their daily lives”. Indeed, high quality coffee was already to be found in Finland at that time, but to acquire it was difficult. Three innovators, who was …. different paths, dove into the world of coffee, in order to discover the most important thing about coffee: the taste. Roastery by roastery, bean by bean, we inched closed to what we were looking for. After finding out that coffee could actually taste good, there was no turning back for them.

Our mission is to bring the best and most delicious coffees of Finnish artisan roasters straight to your home.As a subscriber of Slurp, you will always have the most delicious, freshly roasted coffee at your home — no matter whether you like a lighter or darker roast, whole beans or ground ready for you. Just the way you like it. You get to experience and discover all kinds of coffees from the selections of 17 (and counting) different roasters. We highly appreciate what you choose to drink on a daily basis: taste, quality and authenticity above all.

Today, we are proud of the fact that we get to serve hundreds of friends of good quality coffee in Finland and globally. Healthy relationships with the roasters, the interest we get from the media and above all else the happy customers who keep on spreading the word about us, all take us forward at an amazing speed. It is thrilling to gain traction and cover ground in a conservative market with coffees that are of an outstandingly higher quality and more ecological source than the typical coffees one could buy at the market. This combined with a service that makes enjoying high quality coffee as easy as it can ever be!