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How does the SLURP coffee experience work?

The SLURP coffee experience offers you a chance to discover Third Wave coffees according to your personal preferences with regular deliveries and always new experiences.

You get to choose

Type of order (original/ premium/ rare/ organic/ decaf)
The flavour profile
Whether you want your coffee as beans or ground for your brewing method
The brewing method that you’d like the coffee for
The right amount of coffee for you
For the shipping interval you can choose 2 or 4 weeks

The coffees are delivered straight to your home in our unique and specially designed packaging that fits your mailslot.

1 Type of order

We provide order types of SLURP original, SLURP premium, SLURP rare, SLURP organic and SLURP decaf. We provide worldwide shipping, so you can make the order to any country of your wish, regardless of your living country!

Finland – SLURP original / SLURP rare / SLURP organic / SLURP decaf
Japan – SLURP premium
Germany – SLURP premium

2 The flavour profile

We have four roast level options in our SLURP coffee experience services: SLURP light, SLURP medium, SLURP dark and SLURP midnight. The available options depend on services. You also have a possibility to order coffee as organic or decaf.

SLURP light
You’ll like this, if you enjoy fruity and acidic flavours. Coffees with this roast present light and fresh flavours. Nuances of berries, fruits and citrus. The taste varies from citrusy to fruity and sweet. Lightly brewed some of the varieties can get even tea-like qualities and intoxicating scents.

SLURP medium
This is for you, if you like nuances of nuts, milk chocolate and caramel-like sweetness. Coffees with this roast share qualities of low acidity and soft and rich flavours. Flavour nuances vary between nutty and milk-chocolaty to brown sugar and ripe fruits.

SLURP dark
If you like that roasty, sweet taste of coffee, this is for you. Dark chocolate, caramel and soft roastiness. All coffees with dark roast are bold and full-bodied. Typical roasty flavours are dark chocolate, nuts and dark caramel. Aromas of brown sugar, spices and smokiness.

SLURP midnight (in SLURP original subscription)
You’ll enjoy this, if you like really dark, even smoky coffee. Plenty of strength and robustness. Strong roastiness, nuances of dark cocoa and earthy spices. Often also smoky flavours are strongly present. Owing to its strong flavour profile, the coffees with this roast work well also with milk for example as a cafe au lait.

3 Whether you want beans or ground for your brewing method

You can choose whether you want whole beans or ground for your particular brewing method. We recommend whole beans for the freshest coffee!

4 The brewing method that you’d like the coffee for

Choose the method you use most commonly. We have coffees for every taste and every brewing method. We can even grind the coffee according to your preferred brewing method — if you choose to get coffee as ground. Just select it from a dropdown of choices when purchasing a coffee.

5 The right amount of coffee for you

200 grams: Coffee for around 2 cups a day for 14 days
400 grams: Coffee for around 4 cups a day for 14 days
600 grams: Coffee for around 6 cups a day for 14 days
800 grams: Coffee for around 8 cups a day for 14 days
1000 grams: Coffee for around 10 cups a day for 14 days

Please note, that all coffees are delivered in bags of 200g or 400g. If you purchase bigger sizes that 400g, coffee arrives in several separate bags so they will fit to your mailbox or mailslot.

6 The shipping interval either 2 or 4 weeks

Choose this according to your consumption. Either one you choose, you get fresh artisan coffee delivered directly to your mailslot!

SLURP original and SLURP Germany have options for a shipping interval of either 2 or 4 weeks, SLURP Japan and SLURP rare only have a 4 week shipping interval as an option. 

What coffees do you send to SLURP coffee experience subscribers? Do the coffees change?

Artisan roasters choose the most interesting and high quality coffees from around the world. These coffees are typically from the latest harvests, which ensures also the freshness of the unroasted (green) beans.

Green beans from the best farmers are roasted to perfection in the hands of the artisan roaster, and delivered when the taste is optimal.

With a SLURP coffee experience subscription each shipment will contain a new, interesting and definitely delicious coffee from one of our artisan roaster partners directly to your home. Each coffee comes always from a different roaster. We make sure that the coffees chosen for you are ones that you’ll definitely like.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription any time. To cancel your subscription, log into your Slurp account, find the subscription you wish to terminate and press the cancel button. You also have the option to place your subscription on hold and continue receiving delicious coffee at another time.

Any remaining shipments that you have already paid for at the time of cancelling your order will be sent to you.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us to help wrap things up by using the contact form or email (

What coffees do you have?

We send you coffees from Finland, Germany and Japan and their best artisan roasters. Currently, we cooperate with over 30 different coffee roasters.

All coffees are roasted to order, packed fresh and sent to you right away.

You can choose the amount, brewing method, flavour profile, shipping interval and whether you want the coffee as whole beans or ground according to your brewing method. Within these options, our coffee experts choose you a new, interesting and delicious coffee for every shipment.

Altogether, we ship different kinds of coffees from each flavour worlds from SLURP original, and also from 3 different other subscription categories from Finland, which makes more than 100 coffees a year! On top of this, SLURP Japan Premium and SLURP Germany Premium both have 3 flavour worlds to choose from!


Currently Japanese and German subscriptions are only available on the platform. We are working towards making them available on too!

Which brewing methods do you recommend?

It’s really up to you. We have coffees for every taste and every brewing method. We can even grind the coffee according to your preferred brewing method — if you choose to get coffee as ground. Just select it from a dropdown of choices when purchasing a coffee.

Is the coffee ground? Will you grind my coffee?

The choice is yours. We recommend whole beans for the best and freshest taste. Nevertheless, we can also grind the coffee for you according to your preferred brew method. As we deliver all the coffees roasted to order and shipped directly from the roastery, the quality will still be superb even with the pre-ground option.

Do you have decaffeinated coffee?

Coffee is an integral part of many peoples daily life. But not everyone can handle the caffeine so luckily decaffeinated coffee exists. We want to offer specialty coffee for everyone, so our SLURP decaf subscription is perfect for someone looking for new coffee experiences without the buzz from caffeine!

How does the shipping work and who delivers the orders?

Caution: currently we are unable to ship coffees and teas to the countries below. We will look into the problem and hopefully in the future we can ship coffees to those countries as well.

  • Kuwait, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Australia, New Zealand
  • Due to ongoing situation in Europe DHL has stopped all deliveries from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine (1.3.2022)

Where and how do you deliver the coffees?

We ship coffees worldwide. Our coffee bags will have all the proper documents attached for the customs clearance. Most likely, the coffee will arrive to you without delays, but you should be aware of the customs regulations of your shipping country.

All coffees are delivered by DHL straight to the customer’s address (might be delegated to other delivery service depending on the day and/or areas). The Slurp coffee bag/envelope is slim enough to fit into a mailbox. The coffees will be delivered into your mailbox even if you’re not home at the time of delivery.

We use two coffee bag sizes: 200g and 400g. The worldwide shipping fee is ¥490 for the 200g bag and ¥690 for the 400g bag. Both prices include VAT. Regarding the first coffee, we ship for free.

Shipping from Germany

Within Germany, coffees are delivered using DP Warenpost.

You will see the corresponding shipping fee as soon as you select the country of destination.

See effects on shipping and delivery by Deutsche Post DHL from their website.

Shipping from Japan

Within Japan, coffees are delivered using Japan Post services. Average delivery time within Japan is 1 business day. International deliveries will be handled by Japan Post.

Currently due to IOSS issue between Japan and Finland, SLURP Japan Premium subscription coffees are imported to Finland by SLURP and re-shipped from Finland to the end customer.

SLURP Japan Premium information

Having a keen sense of taste, high technical skill and sincere dedication towards coffee beans, Japanese roasters have made a name for themselves in international coffee competitions.

The SLURP partner roasters from Japan take you on a journey through the exciting Japanese coffee culture. This service delivers beautiful, super sweet, clean coffees from exclusive lots and sought after producers. These coffees are very high scoring and will alter your perception of coffee altogether.

Payment and delivery schedule

SLURP Japan Premium subscription coffees will be roasted and delivered to you once a month according to our roasting schedule.

  • All of your SLURP Japan Premium coffees will be roasted and shipped on according to the schedule. SLURP Japan Premium service has a 4-week delivery interval, meaning the shipping date will be once a month. The shipping in the year 2023 will be on Fridays, week 25, 29, 33, 37, 41, 45 and 49. 
  • The first coffee is charged when you place the order and the following coffees will be charged every four weeks on Tuesdays, 10 days before shipping.
  • You can make changes to your SLURP Japan Premium subscription anytime in your account. Please note that changes to your subscription will always apply to coffees from the next renewal forward, because earlier coffees are already in production.

How long does it take for the coffee to arrive?

The Slurp coffee subscription coffees are usually dispatched on Fridays a week and half after a successful renewal payment. However, right after becoming a subscriber, the first coffee is delivered as soon as possible.

Average delivery times are as follows (excluding weekends and holidays):

  • Germany: 3.5
  • Sweden: 4.1
  • France: 4.4
  • United Kingdom: 4.8
  • Netherlands: 4.3
  • Norway: 4.8
  • Poland: 5.0
  • Russia: 18.8
  • United States: 8.2
  • Brazil: 14.2
  • Australia: 11.8
  • Japan: 8
  • Malaysia: 13.7
  • Korea Republic: 12.4

When will I be billed for my subscription?

The first billing occurs right away when you first purchase the subscription. After that you’ll be synced to our normal billing cycle.

The billing cycle is the following: subscriptions are billed on every odd numbered week’s Tuesday, 14 days prior to the shipment day. After the renewals, our systems generates order lists and forwards them to the roasters. They then start roasting and packaging your coffee according to the order list.

If you switch your subscription, put it on hold or cancel it, the changes will come into effect in relation to the billing cycle: changes made before Tuesdays of odd numbered weeks will come into effect in the next renewal.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept card payment (credit, debit, visa electron) in our online store.

A combination card (credit/debit) has credit number on the front side written with big numbers. The debit number is on the backside written with small numbers. You can make a normal card payment with debit number as well which means that the money comes straight from your bank account and you won’t get a credit bill.

MasterCard Secure CodeVerified by Visa

  • SSL secured payments.
  • All payment methods without additional fees.

SLURP Payment Card Help

Valid payment cards are:

MasterCardVISAVisa Electron

What if I forget my password?

Did you forget the password to your own Slurp account? No worries at all!
You can order a new password by entering your username or email address. You will receive a link to create a new password via email.

Can I manage my subscription on my account?

You can easily make many changes to your active Slurp coffee experience subscription.

You’re able to change these things: 

  1. Brewing method:
    Options: Filter Coffee, French Press, Moka Pot, Espresso, Pot Coffee, Percolator, Chemex, Pour Over (V60), Aeropress, Turkish Coffee

  2. Flavour world:
    Options: SLURP light, SLURP medium, SLURP dark (+SLURP midnight)

  3. Ground
    Options: Beans, ground

  4. Order amount
    Options: 200g, 400g, 600g, 800g, 1000g

If you make some changes those will be activated on the next renewal day. You can check the next renewal date from your Slurp account.

In case you’d like to change the delivery rhythm (2 weeks or 4 weeks) or have any other questions regarding your subscription, please contact our customer support.

Do you have gift options?

We sure do!

The SLURP subscription is a marvellous gift to any coffee lover. You have a choice of two options:

  1. If you have the recipient’s address, you can get started with sending coffee straight to their door, enclosed with a note just for them. Just make a regular subscription with the recipient shipping information. Feel free to write a note to the recipient in the checkout’s comments section, if you want a custom note attached.
  2. Or, buy an electronic gift card for the SLURP coffee subscription here. You can choose the amount of coffee and the desired subscription period. When redeeming the gift, the recipient can choose the flavour profile (light or dark) as well as the brewing method, and whether they like their beans whole or ground to specifically for their brewing method.


Redeeming the gift

You can redeem a gift you’ve received here. The gift cards are designed to be redeemed in one go. However, if you’d like to split the redeeming up into more parts, please contact us.

Any other questions?

We always love hearing from you! Email us at, use the contact form below or the chat box on the bottom right corner.

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What is SLURP rare?

In SLURP rare, we’re talking about the top tier lots that get the highest scores on seasonal cuppings. Lots that are sold with the highest prices in auctions. The base of their success lies in complexity and quality of flavours. The focus is strongly on the newest inventions happening in specialty coffee, not forgetting the old school goldies.

You can get 100g of SLURP rare delivered to your mailbox once a month with an email containing information on how we decided the coffee, greetings from the roaster and our recipe for each coffee.

With SLURP rare, you’ll get to brew competition coffees and award-winning lots that only a few people have access to.

SLURP rare brings you:

⭐ Top tier lots that get the highest scores on seasonal cuppings.

⭐ Lots that are sold with the highest auction prices.

⭐ Complexity and quality flavours.

The coffees featured in the SLURP rare subscription have been carefully curated by Slurp.

SLURP rare coffees are roasted by the best roasters around the globe. So far, our rare subscribers have been able to enjoy coffees from Germany by 19grams, from Netherlands by Manhattan Coffee Roasters and from Sweden by our long time partner Standout Coffee.

What is the payment and shipping schedule of SLURP rare?

All coffees are roasted only to order. This is the reason why SLURP coffee experience coffees are billed before production. Based on successful payments, the coffees will be roasted uniquely for each customer and sent directly from the roaster, so that they arrive as fresh as possible to you.

The first coffee of your SLURP rare coffee experience will be roasted and sent to you according to the regular shipping & billing schedule, which is every four weeks. Rare coffees renew every four weeks, on Tuesdays every other even week. Coffees are always roasted the next week after renewal, and shipped on the next week’s Friday.

Since the coffees are shipped once every four weeks, the first coffee shipment might not be included in the current month’s deliveries, if the subscription has been created after the orders of that month have moved to production.

Information for SLURP original, SLURP decaf, SLURP organic customers

Due to technical issues on our beta website, we will be temporarily closing it down for further development. From now on your coffee subscription will be managed exclusively at site. This update aims to enhance your online experience.

We understand that this transition may require a bit of support and action from you, and we genuinely appreciate your cooperation. To ensure uninterrupted service and continue receiving your favourite coffees, 

Re-subscribe at
Visit, create a new account, and subscribe to your coffee subscription. It’s a quick process that will only take a few minutes. Once you have successfully subscribed, your coffee will be shipped within a few days.

What will change 

  • Different website: Visit  for your subscription.
  • Language Support: The website is available in Japanese and English.
  • Communications: Monthly newsletters, updates, and coffee information emails will be in Japanese and English.

What to note

  • Customer Service: Reach out to our customer service team at for assistance in Finnish, English, German and Japanese.
  • Available Subscription Services: SLURP original, SLURP Decaf, SLURP Organic
  • Flexible Editing: Enjoy more flexibility in editing your subscription.

What happens to my old subscription and account?

Regarding your old subscription and account on the beta platform, we will close all subscriptions and delete your information. No further payments will be made, and no action is required from your end.

If you have any difficulties or questions during this process, please reach out to our dedicated customer support team at

Once again, we apologise for any inconvenience caused and appreciate your cooperation. Thank you for being a valued SLURP coffee customer. We look forward to providing you with the best coffee experience at

Information for SLURP Premium Germany & Japan customers

SLURP Premium Germany and SLURP Premium Japan are not currently available at the .

These subscription types are only available at our english site

We are working towards making all the subscriptions available on and will update the information here regarding the subscriptions and their availability. 

What happens to my old subscription and account

Regarding your old subscription and account on the beta platform, we will close all subscriptions and delete your information. No further payments will be made, and no action is required from your end.

If you have any difficulties or questions during this process, please reach out to our dedicated customer support team at

Once again, we apologise for any inconvenience caused and appreciate your cooperation. Thank you for being a valued SLURP coffee customer. We look forward to providing you with the best coffee experience at

As always, we’re available through the contact form, email ( or the chat box on the bottom right corner to answer any and all questions, give tips, and provide support. We’re happy to help you!