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Our Roasters

We work in co-operation with already 20 artisan roasters.

We are always looking for more artist roasters from Finland and abroad, so that we could bring you more delicious and sustainable coffees.


Bean & Burner was founded in 2011 by Petri and Mia Nieminen in Lahti. Petri noticed there wasn’t enough variety in the coffee field, that was when his and Mia’s shared passion for coffee and entrepreneurship drove them to start roasting coffee. Caffi’s roasting philosophy is to focus on each batch of beans as individuals and to aim for balance in flavour instead of a specific flavour profile. The couple also owns Caffi, a chain of roastery and chocolate stores around southern Finland.

Café Nazca

Café Nazca is a roastery and a café founded in 2017 in Kuopio. The founder Karla Georgina Harzdorf works closely with a few farmers to offer their customers the highest quality coffee that has a transparent production chain. The name Nazca comes from the town in Peru near the desert with the mystical Nazca lines made by the Nazca people thousands of years ago for religious ceremonies. Nazca’s motto is to offer high quality coffee straight from the farmer to your coffee cup.

Cafetoria Roastery

Cafetoria Roastery is a Finnish micro roastery with a Latin heart. Peruvian Ivan Ore founded the roastery with his wife Mia Nikander-Ore in 2002. Cafetoria is one of the oldest micro roasteries in Finland and has very tight connections to their coffee farmers as well as a firm commitment to environmentally and socially sustainable coffee. Cafetoria’s motto “You didn’t choose coffee, coffee chose you” truly reflects their passion and love for coffee.

Helsingin Kahvipaahtimo

Helsingin Kahvipaahtimo is an artisan coffee roastery founded in 2011 by Benjamin Andberg. Andberg was fascinated by coffee from a young age. After years of practice and “Learning by burning”, in his own words, he decided to make his passion into an occupation. Andberg buys his coffee by Direct Trade, maintaining connections to the farmers and improving their living and working conditions as well as operating in an ethical and ecological way. NY Times mentioned Helsingin Kahvipaahtimo’s cafe in their list Five Places to go in Helsinki.

Holmen Coffee

Holmen coffee was founded in 2008 under the vision of marrying Finnish fruity and acidic tastes in coffee to the softer and easier taste drinking coffee of continental Europe. Their motto is “Smoother coffee – made with passion”. The name “Holmen” (island) ties into Finland because their first coffees were made in the Finnish Archipelago Sea. All of their  coffee beans come from microlots, which guarantees the high quality and delicious flavour. All work at the roastery is done by hand with loving care.

Inka Paahtimo

It was when Pamela Aranciaga Mauricio, a future roaster at Inka Paahtimo, was in university in Denmark, that the soft and rich aromas of the coffee her friend made for them made a lasting impression. That paired with the Finn’s passion for coffee and Pamela’s roots in Peru, a country of high quality organic coffee, drove her to set up Inka Paahtimo in 2015. While volunteering in Peru, Pamela and her husband noticed that the impact of fairly and ethically produced coffee is remarkable for the producers. Now she works with her husband on coffee grown with high standards and respect for nature.

Kaffa Roastery

In 2009, students Svante Hampf and Benjamin Andberg shared a vision of a chain of coffee stores spanning through Finland. When they began to plan the coffee stores, they noticed that good enough coffee was hard to find. This made the vision transform into an idea of a coffee roastery, that would bring delicious high quality coffee to Finnish people. People at Kaffa know that excellent coffee is a process. Kaffa aims to bring out the unique flavours of every coffee and to produce ethical and traceable coffee. In 2017 Kaffa was voted the best cafe and the second best roastery in Finland.

Kahiwa Coffee Roasters

Kahiwa Coffee Roasters was founded in 2016 in Lahti, Finland. Joonas Reinikainen, the roast master, got his first experience of the coffee world while visiting the farm of his grandparents’ friends, which is also where he found out about ethical problems in coffee farms. This experience led him to start importing coffee directly from coffee farms, and later on roasting coffee by himself. Nowadays, the roaster’s ethical practices are easily visible to all, because they still acquire the coffee straight from the farms without any middlemen.


The former chef Joel Marttala, who is now the roastmaster and CEO at Kahwe, through his experience as a barista for about 7 years, changed his plan and decided to make coffee the smarter choice for his future. Located in Hatanpää, Tampere, the requirements for Kahwe are values, transparency and the benefit to the farmer. Kahwe’s strong suit is their seasonal selection, limited selection of varieties and their ability to roast all the way from light to dark.


In 2012, Jordan Wills followed love to Finland and founded a coffee shop in Porvoo. His constant strive for better drove him to start looking into the production and roasting of coffee beans. He seeked out responsible, small coffee farms and in 2015 KeaKoffee was born. At KeaKoffee, they consider coffee to be a form of creative expression that connects the whole production chain; The farmer lovingly caring for his crop, the roast master roasting the coffee to perfection, the barista preparing the coffee as it best should and finally the person who enjoys the cup of coffee.

Lehmus Roastery

Lehmus Roastery is an artisan roastery from Lappeenranta founded in 2016 by three revolutionary young friends. They have named many of their coffees after different neighborhoods and sights in the city. Even the name Lehmus (linden) stems from the name of a typical tree in Lappeenranta. Lehmus Roastery’s overall attitude is fun with a hint of self-irony. One of the original things Lehmus Roastery does is set “a bragging level” for each coffee they make. In April 2017, Lehmus Roastery was chosen as Finland’s best roastery by avote at the Helsinki Coffee Festival.


Mokkamestarit, founded in 1990, is the oldest functioning artisan roastery in Finland. Their coffee selection is extremely broad, including single origin coffees, coffee blends and flavoured coffees. Mokkamestarit also owns one of the most impressive roasting arsenals in Finland. Over the years the Mokkamestarit brand has grown to include the roastery, wholesale all around Finland, two coffee stores, a coffee shop, the Teetaikurit tea brand and a Coffee School, where they teach both professionals and home baristas.


The Mokkapuu artisan roastery, founded in 2014, was born from the shared coffee hobby of Tanja Anttila and Tuomas Sandroos in their garage in the Kustavi archipelago. The main idea of Mokkapuu is that every order is roasted separately and only from certified coffee beans. They invest in making the products origin known to the customer as well as positively affecting the origin country. Their coffees and chocolates have helped create sustainable development in their origin countries as well as decrease tobacco and opium farming by employing people for coffee and cocoa farming.

Kaffe Obscura

Kaffe Obscura is a micro roastery from Helsinki founded by Lasse Wuori, who had a long career as a professional photographer. After retiring, Wuori started roasting coffee as a hobby in the corner of his studio and finally his passion turned into a profitable business. Kaffe Obscura’s specialty is their Loring brand roasting machine, which is considered the Rolls Royce of roasters and is so far the only Loring in Finland. Obscura’s coffee beans are exclusively ordered from wholesalers, who offer comprehensive and thorough information about the origin of the beans.

Pirkanmaan Paahtimo

Pirkanmaan Paahtimo was founded in 2011 in Tampere. The founder Teijo Villa says that once he got acquainted to the world of specialty coffee, the interest towards the production process naturally followed. Pirkanmaan Paahtimo invests in transparency and quality. All coffees are first test roasted to see, if they fit the Pirkanmaan Paahtimo quality standards. Their selection is broad and divided into chocolaty, fruity and citrusy coffees. Pirkanmaan paahtimo coffees are extremely well liked and they even have a celebratory coffee for Finland’s 100th anniversary in 2017.

Punainen Kirahvi

Punainen Kirahvi was founded in 2013 by two guys who were passionate about coffee. Since the beginning, Punainen Kirahvi has aimed for a perfect cup of coffee. They roast limited size batches and only to order. They also make sure they pay the farmers fairly. Punainen Kirahvi pays their farmers more than any Finnish certificate requires, but still doesn’t have certified coffee, because the certificates are often too expensive for the farmers to acquire. Punainen Kirahvi aims to roast every bean in a way that you can tell exactly where the coffee is from.

Rock Paper Scissors

RPS was founded in 2017 in Kuopio. The roast master Jesse Parkkali’s interest in coffee started approximately 10 years ago, when he was enjoying coffee with a moka pot. In the course of his growing interest in coffee, he noticed a brewery in Kuopio and his second interest in beer made the roastery and the brewery together.
What RPS aims in choosing coffee is to keep the coffee easily approachable and to expand their selection with special batches regularly.

Roger’s Coffee

Roger’s Coffee was founded in 2015 by Roger Snellman. He started roasting in his garage and had been doing it until he founded a concept store with his wife, where they also sell his coffee. Roger orders his coffees from a coffee stockist in London and only buys coffees with a cupping score of 80 or higher. He roasts with a slow roast method that enables the coffee to release its specific unique flavours.

ROST & Co.

Rost & Co. is still a virtually new name in the Finnish coffee scene. It was founded in 2016 from the coffee company Kaffecentralen. They sell both coffee blends and seasonal single origin coffees. They are quite successful in the sense that their Finca Montejo was selected as the best filter coffee of 2017 in Finland. The most important thing to ROST is that they prepare their coffee with love. Coffee is meant to taste good and perk you up, whether or not you want to enjoy it slowly or just scarf it up fast.

Turun Kahvipaahtimo

Turun Kahvipaahtimo is an artisan roastery founded in 2009 in Turku by two brothers working in a family owned coffee shop. They roast only raw coffees that truly impress them. They don’t have a permanent coffee selection because they exclusively select carefully picked small batches, that are roasted based on each bean’s characteristics. The most important factor for them is a distinctive flavour profile, so they do almost exclusively light roasts only. Their coffees have been used to win the 2010, 2012 and 2014 Barista Championships of Finland.