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New Slurp Coffee Bag and Envelope 2017

New Slurp Coffee Bag and Envelope 2017
2017-04-07 Tero Rehula

The coffee bag and the envelope are a major part of the Slurp service. During April 2017, we are changing our packaging and starting to use new, unique Slurp packages. The new coffee bags will be debuted on the 200g packages and the new sturdy envelopes will be one size for both our 200g and 400g packages. 

Based on a broad study

We started the background work for our new packaging in the summer of 2016. We started by familiarizing ourselves with the packaging already used by various companies and we also looked at the new additions to the market. Based on our study, we decided it was the best idea to design the bags and envelopes from start to finish and then find a factory that could meet our material and design needs. We failed to find anything sufficient in Europe or US, so it was clear to us, that all the roads led to China.

Customer feedback guided our design process

We wanted to create a coffee bag that exceeds all expectations. From our customer feedback we had gotten a good idea what was good –and what bad, about our current bags. The main goal was to increase the durability of both the bag and the envelope. Other important factors were to make the bag more ecological (and completely recyclable) and develop the whole look of our packaging.

The new, advanced Slurp coffee bag

Our new 200g coffee bags combined features that cannot be found elsewhere in coffee bags. Our requirements for the new bags were high: the bag should be convenient, beautiful, well manufactured, easier to recycle and meets the high demands of coffee. We ended up finding only one factory, that could produce the bags we wanted. The current 400g bags will not be replaced in this instance.

The new features include:

  • Recyclable – the new bags are a 100% recyclable plastic.
  • Re-sealable – the new bag is airtight and resealable.
  • Remains upright – the bag has a specific base that allows it to stand upright.
  • Trimmable top part – the possibility to trim the top, makes the bag handy to use at home.
  • Partially see through – you can see the roast, grind and amount of coffee you have left without opening the bag.

The new, sturdier envelope

In connection to the package reform, we also found it necessary to improve our envelopes. For practicality reasons, we ended up with making the envelope one size – both for the 200g and the 400g. The new envelope has an unique design that is between a package and an envelope. It can be mailed, but it still protects the coffee and is notably sturdier than its predecessor. Naturally, the envelope is also 100% recyclable.

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Slurp envelope

Slurp coffee bag and envelope

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