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#120 Kahwe: Colombia Geisha

#120 Kahwe: Colombia Geisha
2019-09-05 Nobuko Utsunomiya

Grape · Honey · Red currant

Colombia Geisha


Roasted: 17/08/2019
Roaster: Joel Marttala

We often hear about male farmers, but this coffee comes from a 38-year-old female farmer, Consuelo Castro. Consuelo is a second-generation farmer, getting her skills from her parents. Her eldest daughter is also invested in the coffee business owning a small plantation on the farm.

The farm specializes in Washed coffee, but they also use the Natural and Honey process. Consuelo wishes to focus on developing these processes for Geisha and to farm only speciality varieties. During the harvest, the 32-hectare farm employs 20 pickers to work with the 20,000 trees. The fertilizers used are mostly natural, such as cascara. The volcanic soil is also used for farming plantain, peaches and oranges.

Before roasting, the coffee beans are run through the cold roaster to remove the top layer (chaff) from the coffee. The coffee is roasted in a small 1,5 kg roaster in small batches until the end of the first crack.

While brewing this coffee, try a longer pre-extraction, which will emphasize the flavours of this coffee. This coffee has been sourced transparently with the price set by the farmer. Ethical and transparent production are Kahwes main values, so you can enjoy this coffee without any worries.

Country: Colombia
Region: Huila
Estate: El Jardin
Farmer: Consuelo Castro
Varieties: Geisha
Growing Altitude: 1800m
Processing: Washed

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