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#130 Café Nazca: Lagarto

#130 Café Nazca: Lagarto
2020-01-21 Nobuko Utsunomiya

Dark Chocolate · Tropical fruits · Cherry


Café Nazca

Roasted: 7/1/2019
Roaster: Pasi Pelkonen

COMSA is a cooperative located in Marcala Honduras, which is famous for their top quality coffee. COMSA Cooperatives target is to reduce poverty and help the progress of sustainable development in the region. This coffee comes only from selected highest rank farms and is organic. The aroma of the coffee has dark chocolate and notes of tropical fruits, like pineapple.

Country: Honduras
Region: Marcala
Farm: COMSA Cooperative
Varieties: Blend
Growing Altitude (MASL): 1200-1700m
Processing: Washed


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