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#132 Kaffe Obscura: Colombia Yiver Vargas

#132 Kaffe Obscura: Colombia Yiver Vargas
2020-02-14 Miyuki Ito

Dark chocolate · Brown sugar · Marzipan

Colombia Yiver Vargas

Kaffa Roastery

Paahdettu: 05/02/2019
Paahtaja: Lasse Wuori

The Santa Lucia farm was founded in 1997. The owner, Yiver Vargas got the farm through the process of agricultural reform in Colombia. The farm now has 17 hectares of cultivated land and 6 hectares of native forest where they have a natural water source. 8 hectares are planted with varieties such as Caturra, Castillo and Tambo. 4 hectares are planted with Pink Bourbon and Geisha. Vargas leads a women’s coffee organization in the region. Her 3 kids in their 20’s and husband help her in the plantation. The roastmaster has visited the Huila region himself to choose this coffee for Slurp’s customers.

Country: Colombia
Region: La Plata, Huila
Farm: Santa Lucia
Farmer: Yiver Vargas
Varieties: Castillo
Growing Altitude (MASL): 1650m
Processing: Washed


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