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#133 Mokkamestarit: Savannah Organic Filter

#133 Mokkamestarit: Savannah Organic Filter
2020-03-02 Miyuki Ito

Apricot · Floral · Chocolate

Savannah Organic Filter


Roasted: 18/02/2020
Roaster: Hannu Paakkinen

Espresso Savannah is one of our favourite espresso’s at Mokkamestarit and this lovely blend of Washed Ethiopian coffee from the nature-conscious Suke Quto farm combined with the Pulped Natural Brazilian Organic Daterra Reserve coffee works great as a filter coffee as well. Mokkamestarit has a long experience in roasting specialty coffee, especially darker roasts. Savannah has bright acidity and the flavour is a combination of nice sweetness, floral and stone fruits.

Country: Brazil, Ethiopia
Region: Cerrado ( Bra), Guji (Eth)
Farm: Daterra (Bra), Suke Quto (Eth)
Farmer: Luis Pascoal (Bra), Tesfaye Bekele (Eth)
Varieties: Icatu Organic / Heirloom Arabica Organic
Growing Altitude (MASL): 1400-1800m
Processing: Pulped Natural (Bra), Washed (Eth)


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