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#147 Pirkanmaan Paahtimo: Ethiopia Guji Natural

#147 Pirkanmaan Paahtimo: Ethiopia Guji Natural
2020-09-11 Miyuki Ito

Dried apricot・Orange peel・Date

Ethiopia Guji Natural

Pirkanmaan Paahtimo

Roaster: Tuomas Roschier

The Guji grade 1 is cultivated in the mountains of the Guji Zone in the Oromia region. The coffee offers taste notes of dried orange peel, dried apricots and flowers mixed with dates and honey. Adding these flavors to a round, full and creamy body of this Ethiopian jewel, we have a superb espresso!

Country: Ethiopia
Region: Oromia
Farm: Guji zone coffee farms
Farmer: multiple farmers
Varieties: Typica
Growing Altitude: 1500–1800 m
Processing: Natural


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