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#149 Kaffa Roastery: Slurp Midnight espresso

#149 Kaffa Roastery: Slurp Midnight espresso
2020-10-09 Miyuki Ito

Dark chocolate・Raisins・Roasted sugar

Slurp Midnight espresso

Kaffa Roastery

Roaster: Jonna Korhonen

Uganda has all the potential to produce amazing coffee; fertile, volcanic soil, plenty of rainfall and smart people. Unfortunately the country has mostly been known from its Robusta, but happily, over the last decade, Arabica production has started to boom as well. Part of the problem has also been a lack of transparency in Ugandan coffee trading. Luckily, we found a partner who is on a mission to change this: Great Lakes Coffee. They are a small family-owned green coffee sourcing and exporting company. Their goal is to make coffee sourcing and exporting 100% transparent and traceable.

Country: Uganda
Region: Mount Revenzori
Farmer: Smallholders
Varieties: Mixed heirloom
Growing Altitude: 1200–1400 m
Processing: natural


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