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#149 Record Coffee Company: Zambia Red Cherry Gold

#149 Record Coffee Company: Zambia Red Cherry Gold
2020-10-09 Miyuki Ito

Plum・Butter・Baked apple

Zambia Red Cherry Gold

Record Coffee Company

Roaster: Jesse Parkkali

One of Record Coffee Company owners, Teija Lublinkhof has been living in Zambia for 21 years. She also runs her own roastery there, does green coffee consulting and works for African Fine Coffee Association (AFCA). In AFCA she focuses on Taste of Harvest competitions as a judge and head judge. This coffee is the winner of Zambian Taste Of Harvest 2019. It’s buttery mouthfeel and notes of plum really impressed the judges. We at Record Coffee are happy that we are finally able to offer rare Zambian specialty coffees in our selection.

Country: Zambia
Region: Northern Province
Farm: Kateshi
Farmer: Northern Coffee Corporation
Varieties: CAT129
Growing Altitude: 1300–1400 m
Processing: Natural


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