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#153 Roger’s Coffee: Midnight Filter Coffee Brasil

#153 Roger’s Coffee: Midnight Filter Coffee Brasil
2020-12-04 Miyuki Ito

Dark chocolate・Roasted hazelnuts・Bittersweet

Midnight Filter Coffee Brasil

Roger’s Coffee

Roaster: Martins Kubulniek

Dark, intensive, strong — those will be first emotions after tasting this coffee. Yet, in a good way. The darker we roast, the more important it is for us at Rogers Coffee to pay full attention to every single second during the roasting process. Too big a flame or a few seconds too slow of an action can push the coffee flavour away from our desired profile. This said, we know You will love it. The nutty and intensive flavours usually found in Brasil coffees are even more bright in this coffee. This is a coffee to stay awake and have a smile while enjoying it. This is Midnight coffee — Brasil Dark!

Country: Brazil
Region: Minas Gerais
Producer: Bourbon Specialty Coffee partner estates
Producer: Various smallholders
Varieties: Catuai, Mundo Novo
Growing Altitude: 1200m
Processing: Natural


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