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#162 Makea Coffee: Fazenda Batalha

#162 Makea Coffee: Fazenda Batalha
2021-05-06 Miyuki Ito

Chocolate・Nuts・Roasted sugar

Fazenda Batalha

Makea Coffee

Roaster: Visa Tuovinen

The result of the soil of Brazil and the natural-processed Mundo Novo variety is an extremely smooth, nutty and chocolaty experience. We use this coffee both as an espresso and as a filter coffee at our café. In the Minas Gerais region, Cerrado Mineiro area in Brazil there is a town called Araguar. The farm of Gildo Mantua Neto, Fazenda Batalha, is located close to it. The crops of Batalha are stable and homogenous from one season to the next. This special roast we have made for Slurp is dark, but not burnt or roasty

Country: Brazil
Region: Minas Gerais, Cerrado Mineiro
Farm: Fazenda Batalha
Farmer: Gildo Mantuan Neto
Varieties: Mundo Novo
Growing Altitude: 975 m
Processing: Natural


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