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#140 Holmen Coffee: Holmen Hamburg

#140 Holmen Coffee: Holmen Hamburg
2020-06-05 Miyuki Ito


Nutmeg・Dark chocolate・Tobacco flavors

Holmen Hamburg

Holmen Coffee

Roasted: 25/05/2020
Roaster: Junho Suzuki

Hamburg is the home town of Holmen Coffee’s own Mr Coffee and as some of you may know it’s the place where the first coffee exchange of the world was founded! It’s an international lively harbour-city in the “ruff north” of Germany, where the honest trader’s idea still exists. The tradition of signing a deal with a handshake is still well alive there. Holmen aimed to create a dark filter blend to taste and feel like the vibe in Hamburg! Holmen Hamburg is a round honest, well balanced dark roast, smooth and “tart” like Hamburg.

Country: Guatemala, Cuba
Region: Huehuetenango (Guat), Sierra Maestre (Cub)
Farm: Various small farmers
Varieties: Bourbon, Catai, Carturra, Typica-Guatemala; Typica-Cuba
Growing Altitude: 1350–2000m(Guat), 1600-2000m (Cub)
Processing: Washed and loved


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