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Aeropress — among the royalty of brewing devices!

Aeropress — among the royalty of brewing devices!
2016-02-15 Rafael Linnankoski

Aeropress — among the royalty of brewing devices!Aeropress

With an Aeropress brewing coffee is especially fun. There are hundreds of recipes for this convenient device — so much so that it’s probably rarer to use the original recipe recommended by the manufacturer. There are Aeropress world championships and each competitor always has their own recipe. Mostly the Aeropress is used with the “upside down” or “reversed” method.

This is how you can brew 2,5 dl of coffee with Slurp’s Aeropress recipe:

Brewing time: 2:00 min
Final quantity of coffee: ~ 2 dl
Grinding: Finer than for regular filter coffee. Using the Wilfa grinder, we recommend the finest setting.
The ratio of coffee to water: 14g coffee, 240g water
Water temperature: 93-96°C

  1. Assemble the Aeropress and pour hot water through to heat the cup and device as well as rinse the filter. After the water has passed through, pour in the ground coffee on the filter.
  2. Add 250 g of water into the cylinder and stir gently three times along the bottom with a bamboo stirrer.
  3. Put the plunger on top creating some suction to stop the dripping of the coffee. Let it steep for 1 min.
  4. Push down the plunger in a relaxed and even manner for about 30 sec.
  5. The coffee is ready to be enjoyed!


  • You can adjust the ratio of coffee to water as well as the grinding to suit your liking.
  • You can achieve stronger coffee, if you grind the coffee finer and/or use less water.
  • It’s better to rinse the Aeropress with hot water right after use.

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