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Iced coffee

Iced coffee
2017-07-18 Maria Ariyo

Cool that coffee!

When the temperatures start to rise and the sun starts to shine more often, it’s natural to feel like having a cold drink. Iced coffee! Whether you fancy your coffee black, caffe latte, frappe or caffe mocha, everyone can enjoy their coffee cooled. And as they say in Finland, cold coffee makes you beautiful!

There are many great ways to make iced coffee, but here, we introduce three ways to make a stellar cold coffee drink: cold brew, hot brew and frappe. Each way has its own fans and haters, but all make a different type of delicious coffee.

Iced coffee for you – the most common methods

Cold brew is a brewing method, in which the coffee flavors are allowed to extract over time, making the coffee taste less bitter. While brewing cold brew, the coffee to water ratio is usually a bit bigger than in normal coffee. Approximately 1 unit of coffee for every 8 units of water. The extremely coarsely ground coffee is mixed into cold water and allowed to sit for 12-24 hours. Afterwards it is drained and sifted to get rid of the coffee grounds. Read more about cold brew here.

Hot brew is a faster way of making iced coffee, but is often considered to make coffee that is slightly more bitter. Making hot brew coffee is simple! You just brew strong coffee and cool it by pouring it on ice, by adding milk or just by waiting the coffee to cool down. Hot brew has an added benefit to cold brew, that is that flavorings and sweeteners dissolve easier into a warm drink.

Frappe is a name for an refined coffee drink that can be made from both cold and hot brew coffee. When making a frappe, you just blend your coffee and ice in a blender to make a milkshake-like drink. Another option is to freeze some coffee and blend the coffee ice pieces and milk into a drink.

All these brewing methods allow you to personalize the drinks any way you want to. You can add ice, milk, whipped cream, chocolate or caramel sauce, syrup, sugar or anything else you can imagine. With customizing and styling, only the sky’s the limit!

Slurp cold brew recipe

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