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Cold Brew

Cold Brew
2017-07-06 Maria Ariyo

What’s cold brew and how do you make it?

Cold brewing is a coffee brewing process where the coffee is extracted into cold water over a long period of time (often over 12 hours). The water in the process is often either room temperature or cold. After the extraction, the coffee is strained with either a french press or with the help of a strainer and filter paper or cloth. Often cold brew is mixed into milk or water and served with ice, as a frappe or with other flavorings.

Normal coffee and cold brew have some differences in the flavor and the chemical composition, because while making cold brew, the coffee beans do not come into contact with boiling water. Cold brew contains less caffeine and acids than traditional coffee and is also often less bitter than its counterparts. It is also often extracted a bit stronger, since it can be mixed with milk or water.

Cold brew allows the different flavors and nuances in the coffee to shine, so especially interesting choices for cold brew are light roasts, that have various fresh flavors. Another thing to try is to prepare natural processed coffee with cold brew. The sweetness of the coffee berry is present in natural processed coffees, so it makes your drink sweeter as well.

Cold Brew Receipt

Cold brew

  • 1,5 dl coarsely ground coffee
  • 8 dl cold water
  • 2 x 1 litre containers
  • metal sieve
  • gauze or filter paper
  1. Put the coffee and the water into a container.
  2. Let it sit in room temperature preferably at least overnight (12–15 hours).
  3. Strain the coffee into the other container using a sieve and filter paper (You can first strain most of the coffee out and afterwards use the filter paper to strain it more thoroughly).
  4. Your cold brew is ready! Cold brew coffee will stay good for approximately a week in the fridge.


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