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#127 Kaffa Roastery: Etiopia Mustefa Abakeno

#127 Kaffa Roastery: Etiopia Mustefa Abakeno
2019-12-06 Nobuko Utsunomiya

Yellow fruits · Ginger · White flowers

Etiopia Mustefa Abakeno

Kaffa Roastery

Roasted: 26/11/2019
Roaster: Michael Akins

What makes this coffee special is the processing method, light honey. Because of the lack of space and water Mustefa soaks the coffee beans for only a while before drying them. This leaves a small amount of pulp to stay on top of the bean and creates a sweet but clean coffee.

Country: Ethiopia
Region: Agaro, Jimma
Farm: Mustefa Abakeno
Farmer: Mustefa Abakeno
Varieties: Heirloom
Growing Altitude (MASL): 2040m
Processing: Washed


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