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#133 Pirkanmaan Paahtimo: Nigaragua Finca El Bosque

#133 Pirkanmaan Paahtimo: Nigaragua Finca El Bosque
2020-03-02 Miyuki Ito


Forest berries · Wine gums · Honey

Nigaragua Finca El Bosque

Pirkanmaan Paahtimo

Roasted: 18/02/2020
Roaster: Tuomas Roschier

Julio Peralta has three farms in the Dipilto & Jalapa mountain range. The El Bosque farm spreads over three different hills. This plot, “EL Bajadero” is located on a sunny slope, with shade trees protecting the coffee. This coffee has been Red Honey processed, so the parchment and some of the mucilage is left on the bean when it is depulped. This processing creates both a juicy body and the cleanness of washed coffees.

A medium roasted fresh shot with notes of berries. For a double shot, we recommend using 18g of coffee for a 40-42g yield.

Country: Nicaragua
Region: San Fernando, Nueva Segovia
Farm: Finca El Bosque
Farmer: Julio Peralta
Varieties: Catuai
Growing Altitude: 1250m
Processing: Red Honey


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