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#135 Café Nazca: Guatemala Asoproguate

#135 Café Nazca: Guatemala Asoproguate
2020-03-27 Miyuki Ito


Caramel · Chocolate · Hazelnut

Guatemala Asoproguate

Café Nazca

Roasted: 18/03/2020
Roaster: Pasi Pelkonen

Smallholders from the Asoproguate cooperative produce around 1000 bags of coffee in Acatenango every year. The coffee grows in high altitudes creating a very nice and full-bodied cup. Guatemala Asoproguate is both organic and FTO (Fair Trade Organic) certified and the cooperative trains its own inspectors to travel within the farms and train the farmers to improve the quality and maintain FTO requirements.

Country: Guatemala
Region: Acatenango
Farm: Asoproguate cooperative
Varieties: Bourbon, Catuai, Caturra
Growing Altitude: 1800-2100m
Processing: Washed


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