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#144 Kaffa Roastery: Tauko

#144 Kaffa Roastery: Tauko
2020-07-31 Miyuki Ito

Cacao・Dry apricot・Lemonade acidity


Kaffa Roastery

Roaster: Jonna Korhonen

Tauko is a one of our good old classics. The coffee is light-roasted, medium-body and comfortably acidic filter coffee blend. The blend is led by a floral and fruity, Ethiopian. Balance and synergy are the responsibility of round and sweet Guatemala. The trio is complemented by Colombia, which gives strength to the flavor profile of the traditional coffee. Have a break, have a Tauko.

Country: Guatemala, Ethiopia, Colombia
Region: Huehuetenango (Guatemala), Guji (Ethiopia), San Lorenzo (Colombia)
Farm: La Bolsa (Guatemala), Arafasa Trading (Ethiopia), San Lorenzo (Colombia)
Farmer: Maria Vides (Guatemala), Multiple smallholders (Ethiopia), San Lorenzo group smallholders (Colombia)
Varieties: Mixed (Guatemala), Heirloom (Ethiopia), Caturra (Colombia)
Growing Altitude: 1600m-2200m
Processing: Fully washed


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