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#140 MOKKAPUU: Papua New Guinea

#140 MOKKAPUU: Papua New Guinea
2020-06-05 Miyuki Ito


Milk Chocolate · Peach · Floral

Papua New Guinea


Roasted: 27/05/2020
Roaster: Tuomas Sandroos

This Papua New Guinean coffee is grown by smallholders with land holdings that grow as little as 20 trees per plot in the so-called ”coffee gardens” alongside subsistence crops. The country is generally dominated by fragmented mountain ranges, steep valleys and plateaus that are difficult to access. Village-based farmers do not use any synthetic fertilizers or chemical pesticides.

This coffee is roasted in our roastery in very small 2kg batches to keep the roasting quality as high as possible and to bring out the best nuances for an excellent cup profile.

Country: Papua New Guinea
Region: Eastern Highlands
Farm: Smallholder Farms
Farmer: Cooperative
Varieties: Arusha, Blue Mountain, Typica
Growing Altitude: 1100m
Processing: Washed


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