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#147 Café Nazca: Ainora

#147 Café Nazca: Ainora
2020-09-11 Miyuki Ito



Café Nazca

Roaster: Pasi Pelkonen

Eastern Highlands offers high altitude coffees where many smallholder groups produce unique coffees. The rugged and wild terrain make it an inhospitable environment for farmers. Many producers try to tackle this issue by accessing markets as cooperatives and by supporting each other with co-management of farms, sharing pulping facilities, drying spaces, and storage. Often, these types of cooperations are informal and are formed around tribal or village groups. Ainora comes from a network of smallscale producers based in Kianantu in the Okapa district.

Country: Papua New Guinea
Region: Eastern Highlands
Farm: Ainora Cooperation
Farmer: Various smallholder farmers
Varieties: Arusha, Typica
Growing Altitude: 1700–2500 m
Processing: Washed AX


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