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#150 Kahwe: Kolumbia Luis Collazos

#150 Kahwe: Kolumbia Luis Collazos
2020-10-23 Miyuki Ito

Raw chocolate・Softly roasty・Light fruitiness

Kolumbia Luis Collazos


Roaster: Joel Marttala

This coffee has been bought via direct trade. The payment goes directly to the farmer, without any big merchants in between and communication with the farm is done directly via social media. Luis Collazos is a second generation coffee farmer, who has been farming for over 20 years. The Collazos family is very dear to Kahwe, and that is why we support them by buying coffee directly from them. Luis’s oldest son, Heimar is continuing in his fathers footsteps and owns 3 hectares of his father’s 9-hectare farm.

Country: Colombia
Region: Huila
Farm: La Bermeo
Farmer: Luis Collazos
Varieties: Castillo
Growing Altitude: 1600m
Processing: Washed


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