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#151 Makea Coffee: Gaspar Diaz

#151 Makea Coffee: Gaspar Diaz
2020-11-08 Miyuki Ito


Gaspar Diaz

Makea Coffee

Roaster: Visa Tuovinen

This lot from Gaspar Diaz always surprises us at the roastery, as its super sweet scent flows through the air. A very full and round cup, this coffee has quickly become one of our top sold coffees. We roasted this special batch for Slurp and you to a darker level. Following our principles of not burning the coffee, we finish the roast in 13 minutes, bringing it close to the second crack. This almost completely vanishes the acidity in the coffee, but brings up the body and mouthfeel. We paid 260% of the market value for this coffee. Enjoy! #apartyinyourmouth

Country: Guatemala
Region: Huehuetenango
Farm: Tipoj
Farmer: Gaspar Diaz Domingo
Varieties: Caturra, Bourbon
Growing Altitude: 1500–1600 m
Processing: Washed, double soaked


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