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#151 Makea Coffee: Carlos Paz

#151 Makea Coffee: Carlos Paz
2020-11-08 Miyuki Ito

Cocoa・Liqueur・Tropical Fruits

Carlos Paz

Makea Coffee

Roaster: Kyle Papai

This is a superlatively well done 48h Macerated natural processed coffee lot from Carlos Paz Sevilla. The maceration process brings a soft and round mouthfeel with a liquor finish. Tropical fruit hint gives this coffee a nice finishing touch. We love this coffee as an espresso, as you get all of these intense flavours. For a good shot, we use 20g coffee to 40g shot, brewed in 25sec with pre infusion. Have fun! #apartyinyourmouth

Country: Honduras
Region: Arranca Barbara
Farm: Altos de Erapuca
Farmer: Carlos Paz Sevilla
Varieties: Catuai
Growing Altitude: 1360 m
Processing: 48h macerated natural


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