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#155 Café Nazca: Araña

#155 Café Nazca: Araña
2021-01-05 Miyuki Ito

Toffee・Tropical fruit・Dark chocolate


Café Nazca

Roaster: Pasi Pelkonen

Alex Herrera’s farm Finca Pampojilá is located on the slopes of Átitlan volcano where coffee has been farmed for over 100 years. Coffee has nice aromas of tropical fruits and toffee. Alex is a member of Guatemalan organization which aims to protect private rainforests and has committed to preserve at least half of his 500ha farm as natural rainforest. Alex also supports the education of local children.

Country: Guatemala
Region: Atitlán
Farm: Finca Pampojilá
Farmer: Alex Herrera
Varieties: Caturra
Growing Altitude: 1470–1720 m
Processing: Wet


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