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#158 Pirkanmaan Paahtimo: Guatemala Finca El Chalun

#158 Pirkanmaan Paahtimo: Guatemala Finca El Chalun
2021-02-12 Miyuki Ito

Chocolate truffle・Cocoa・Mandarin

Guatemala Finca El Chalun

Pirkanmaan Paahtimo

Roaster: Tuomas Roschier

Denin De Leon, the owner of El Chalun, is a second generation coffee farmer in Huehuetenango. He became the owner of the farm already as a young man. Harvesting is done thoroughly: the bushes are gone through three separate times and only the ripe cherries will be picked. The cherries will be crushed in a pulper on the picking day and then they are fermented for two days. After the fermentation they will be washed and put on drying patios. Rich mouthfeel is associated with the sweetness of chocolate truffle and contrasted by the soft acidity of mandarin.

Country: Guatemala
Region: Huehuetenango
Farm: El Chalun
Farmer: Denin De Leon
Varieties: Bourbon, Paches, Caturra
Growing Altitude: 1650 m
Processing: Washed


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