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#159 Kaffa Roastery: Tumma sumu

#159 Kaffa Roastery: Tumma sumu
2021-03-04 Miyuki Ito

Dark chocolate・Burnt toffee・ Licorice

Tumma sumu

Kaffa Roastery

Roaster: Jonna Korhonen

Tumma Sumu replaced a loved classic, Tumma Monsuuni, in our selection. Sometimes we have to make hard decisions to sharpen our values and ensure that we are doing as much good in the world as we can, even if that means letting go of a top selling coffee. Guatemalan smoothness combines with Ugandan funky spiciness when roasted long and slow for the deepest darkness. This blend is best brewed with a french press or moka pot, as the lack of paper filter allows all the oils to end up in the brew and bring all those mega round intense, but smooth aromas into the cup.

Country: Guatemala 50% / Uganda 50%
Region: La Libertad, Huehuetenango (Guat), Mount Revenzori (Uga)
Farm: La Bolsa Kabonero (Guat), Busanda, Pohe (Uga)
Farmer: Maria Vides (Guat), various smallholders (Uga)
Varieties: Bourbon, Caturra (Guat), Mixed heirloom (Uga)
Growing Altitude: 1200–1600 m
Processing: Fully washed (Guat), Natural (Uga)


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