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#160 Record Coffee Company: Zambia Isanya

#160 Record Coffee Company: Zambia Isanya
2021-03-21 Miyuki Ito

Raw cocoa・Dark chocolate・Spices

Zambia Isanya

Record Coffee Company

Roaster: Jesse Parkkali

Isanya Estate is located in Zambia’s Northern Province in Mbala, 160km north of Kasama on route to Lake Tanganyika. This is the highlands of north of Zambia, with summer and winter rains and long history in coffee production. Lot of effort has gone into reviving this estate after change of ownership some years ago and we are starting to see some promising washed coffee produced in the estate. We advice to wait for few minutes for coffee to cool down if you are drinking it black. This will enhance some sweetness on the flavor. Enjoy!

Country: Zambia
Region: Northern Province
Farm: Isanya Estate
Farmer: Northern Coffee Corporation
Varieties: CAT129
Growing Altitude: 1400–1500 m
Processing: Washed


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