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#161 Record Coffee Company: Kateshi

#161 Record Coffee Company: Kateshi
2021-04-01 Miyuki Ito

Grapefruit・Chocolate・Red currant


Record Coffee Company

Roaster: Jesse Parkkali

Kateshi Estate is located in Zambia’s Northern Province in Mafinga Hills subregion close to Kasama, largest city in the region. Northern Province has been producing coffee since Zambia started growing coffee commercially. Northern Zambia has a similar climate to that of southern Tanzania and has also winter rains on top of the normal rain season in summertime. Hence the conditions are good for growing coffee. Enjoy the refreshing acidity of grapefruit and great chocolaty sweetness!

Country: Zambia
Region: Northern Province
Farm: Kateshi
Farmer: Northern Coffee Corporation
Varieties: CAT129
Growing Altitude: 1400 m
Processing: Washed


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