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Slurp Christmas Calendar #10
Holmen Coffee: Holmen HoHoHo

Slurp Christmas Calendar #10
Holmen Coffee: Holmen HoHoHo
2019-12-09 Nobuko Utsunomiya

Raisin · Smoky caramel · Fresh pepper

Holmen HoHoHo

Holmen Coffee

Roaster: Arnd Brockmüller
Roast: medium

Every year our seasonal Hohoho is different, just like Santa’s gift route. For us, Christmas coffee is about having even better coffee with hints of seasonal tastes. Of course without any artificial flavours, just coffee beans! It’s a yearly thing to find just the right mix of beans and new roast profile to create the perfect HoHoHo! A secret recipe formulated from our and Santa´s favourite coffee beans! Hohoho all Slurpians!

Country: Costa Rica, Papua New Guinea, Uganda
Region: Tarrazu(CR), Wahgi Valley(PNG), Mount Elgon(Uga)
Farm: Sigri Estate(PNG)
Varieties: La Pastora Tarrazu(CR), Sigri AA(PNG), Bugisu AA(Uga)
Growing altitude (MASL): 1800m(CR), 1500m(PNG), 1300-2400m(UGA)
Processing: Natural, Washed

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