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#122 Kaffe Obscura: Kenya AB Top Rungeto Kii

#122 Kaffe Obscura: Kenya AB Top Rungeto Kii
2019-09-27 Nobuko Utsunomiya

Currants · Lemon · Grapefruit

Kenya AB Top Rungeto Kii

Kaffe Obscura

Roasted: 18/09/2019
Roaster: Lasse Wuori

Kaffe Obscura is very happy to offer this coffee to you. The Kii Factory is one of the three wet mills in Kenya that form the Rungeto Cooperative Society, located on the slopes of Mount Kenya. The cooperatives wet mill meets ethical and environmental standards and they have the required systems for quality control on processing, grading and lot separation. This coffee has an incredibly refreshing acidity and layered fruity tones.

Country: Kenya
Region: Kirinyaga
Farm: Rungeto Cooperative Society
Farmer: Rungeto’s farmers
Varieties: Batian, SL 28, SL 34
Growing Altitude: 1600-1800m
Processing: Washed


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