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#135 KAFFE OBSCURA: Guatemala El Hato

#135 KAFFE OBSCURA: Guatemala El Hato
2020-03-27 Miyuki Ito


Raisins · Lime · Tropical fruit

Guatemala El Hato


Roasted: 18/03/2020
Roaster: Lasse Wuori

A rare Natural processed small coffee lot from Fraijanes, Guatemala. Farmed at the Rasch family-owned El Hato farm, this Caturra varietal has been experimentally bag fermented. After this, the coffee has been depulped and sun-dried. Fraijanes is located around 1.5 hours from Guatemala City and is known for its high-quality coffee production. The Rasch family imports the coffee to Europe themself so there are only a few middlemen in between the producer and Kaffe Obscura. The roaster is proud to offer this delicious coffee for your enjoyment.

Country: Guatemala
Region: Fraijanes
Farm: Finca El Hato
Farmer: Christian Rasch
Varieties: Caturra
Growing Altitude: 1300-1450m
Processing: Bag fermented, Natural


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