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#149 Café Nazca: Perro

#149 Café Nazca: Perro
2020-10-09 Miyuki Ito



Café Nazca

Roaster: Tuomas Roschier

This coffee comes from a cooperative named UCA San Jose del Rio Coco, which has 370 farmers, out of which 80 are women.The cooperative has concentrated on high- quality organic coffee farming. They also have many projects to improve the situation and conditions of local families, like supporting the schooling of the children and local agriculture. We selected this coffee for you, not only because the producer shares our economic and ethical values, but also because the coffee is extremely tasty and full-bodied.

Country: Nicaragua
Region: Matalgapa
Farm: UCA San Juan del Rio Coco
Farmer: Cooperative
Varieties: Blend
Growing Altitude: 1500–1600m
Processing: Washed


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