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#159 ROST & Co.: China

#159 ROST & Co.: China
2021-03-04 Miyuki Ito

Apple・Cane sugar・Nutty


ROST & Co.

Roaster: Antti Kivelä

The coffee comes from Yirong Farm, a family estate, which is an important employer and actor in its community. The farm is led by a mother and a daughter, and they focus on environmental-friendly processes, sustainable development and sharing the economic benefits. These principles are clearly visible in their actions. They offer economic opportunities especially to Va, La Hu and Dai minority peoples, and the farm’s focus on coffee has also stimulated the area’s other industries. This coffee represents ROST & Co’s core values nicely, which are organic coffees and sustainable development. The medium-dark roast brings up the coffee’s sweet, nutty characteristics.

Country: China
Region: Yunnan; Dongku Xiaozu, Pu’erh
Farm: Yirong Farm
Farmer: Jane Luo / Luo family
Varieties: Catimor
Growing Altitude: 1300–1600 m
Processing: Fully washed


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