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#139 Holmen Coffee: Holmen Heart

#139 Holmen Coffee: Holmen Heart
2020-05-22 Miyuki Ito

Dark Chocolate · Malt · Lemon toffee

Holmen Heart

Holmen Coffee

Roasted: 11/05/2020
Roaster: Arnd Brockmüller/Junho Suzuki

We created Holmen Heart so that everybody can enjoy good coffee even in the middle of the night while having fun with friends, playing a game or reading a book. No problems sleeping after a cup of Holmen Heart and this will makes your heart happy! 🙂

Maa: Kolumbia ja muita maita
Alue: Huila (COL)
Tila: pientilalliset
Lajikkeet: Colombia, Caturra, Typica
Kasvukorkeus: 1600–1800m
Prosessointi: Washed


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