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#136 Holmen Coffee: Holmen Hang-on

#136 Holmen Coffee: Holmen Hang-on
2020-04-10 Miyuki Ito


Darkest chocolate · Berries · Spices

Holmen Hang-on

Holmen Coffee

Roasted: 30/03/2020
Roaster: Junho Suzuki

It’s time to stay safe and enjoy the little things in life! Time to stay cool and positive. Try out new things. We, as some of our fans have realised, have been doing this by trying out new roast profiles and out came this espresso, which we named Holmen Hang-on. Hang-on all Slurpians and Holmen Coffee fans! And what better way to sweeten your day than to have a Holmen Hang-on. May the coffee be with you!

Country: Guatemala, Cuba
Region: Huehuetenango (Guat), Sierra Maestre (Cub)
Farm: Various small farmers
Varieties: Bourbon, Catai, Carturra, Typica-Guatemala; Typica-Cuba
Growing Altitude: 1350-2000m(Guat), 1600-2000m (Cub)
Processing: Washed and loved


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