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#152 Cafetoria Roastery: Espresso 7

#152 Cafetoria Roastery: Espresso 7
2020-11-23 Miyuki Ito


Espresso 7

Cafetoria Roastery

Roaster: Juanca Ore

We have enormous respect for the Italian espresso tradition. Some people think that Italian espressos are just burnt coffee, but this is far from true. Our multiple trips to different parts of Italy have helped us to find some beautiful Italian espressos with a velvety body, complex texture and a gentle bittersweet aftertaste. In a sip of Espresso 7, you will find notes of hazelnuts, cacao, creamy body and gentle acidity that invites for another cup. We recommend 14–16 grams for a double shot, with 25–30s brewing time.

Country: Brazil, Camerun, Nicaragua,
Rwanda, El Salvador, Ivory Coast, India
Varieties: 70% Arabica, 30% Robusta


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