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Slurp Christmas calendar #5
Kahwe: Honduras Copan Antaris

Slurp Christmas calendar #5
Kahwe: Honduras Copan Antaris
2019-12-04 Nobuko Utsunomiya

Vanilla · Dark Chocolate · Plum

Honduras Copan Antaris


Roaster: Joel Marttala
Roast: Light

This coffee immediately caught my attention with its nuanced features. Multiple funky flavours that play around in your mouth. This coffee is really versatile, so play around with your brew! This coffee requires a delicate hand both while brewing and drinking, but don’t be scared. Don’t stick to the same-old, as this coffee is a playful rebel. So play along! Have a wonderful and peaceful December and Christmas time.

Country: Honduras
Region: Copán
Farm: Multiple smallholders
Varieties: Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai, Pacas, Typica
Growing altitude (MASL): 1400-1500m
Processing: Honey

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