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#129 Record Coffee Company: Tanzania Karatu Estate

#129 Record Coffee Company: Tanzania Karatu Estate
2020-01-06 Nobuko Utsunomiya

Toffee · Dark Chocolate · Black Currant

Tanzania Karatu Estate

Record Coffee Company

Roasted: 25/12/2019
Roaster: Jesse Parkkali

Karatu Estate is one of the oldest estates in Mbeya. It was started by German settlers in 1971. Wild animals frequent the farm, adding natural fertilization to the land and creating an ecosystem which supports the wildlife. Ripe coffee cherries are de-pulped and then fermented for 3-4 days. The coffee is then washed and dried on raised African beds for 14-16 days. The parchment coffee is constantly turned to ensure consistency and covered at night and during the hottest part of the day. The coffee is then bagged and stored in a cool store room for reconditioning. Enjoy!

Country: Tanzania
Region: Manyara, Karatu
Farm: Karatu Coffee Estate
Varieties: Kent
Growing Altitude: 1600-1800m
Processing: Washed


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