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#148 Artisan Café: Nova – Micro lot 559

#148 Artisan Café: Nova – Micro lot 559
2020-09-25 Miyuki Ito


Nova – Micro lot 559

Artisan Café

Roaster: Jani Mikkonen

The Nova washing station is situated in the Gicumbu district in the north of the country where the high altitudes of 1800-2000 masl and climate make it an ideal location to create natural processed coffees. This is a very juicy, sweet and clean example of one of best Rwandan coffees that we have tasted. This coffee is roasted to light espresso that brings out the complex fruit driven characteristics, but also gives the coffee mouthwatering sweetness that is supported by balanced malic acidity. We recommend brewing ratio 20g in to 42g out in around 25 second for the most balanced cup.

Country: Rwanda
Region: Gicumbu distric
Farm: Nova washing station
Farmer: Agnes Mukamushinjaand / Local Farmers
Varieties: Red Bourbon
Growing Altitude: 1800-2000 m

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