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#158 Kaffe Obscura: Laos Bounkhong

#158 Kaffe Obscura: Laos Bounkhong
2021-02-12 Miyuki Ito

Dark cocoa・Pecan・Roasted sugar

Laos Bounkhong

Kaffe Obscura

Roaster: Lasse Wuori

This coffee comes from the Bolaven Plateau, an elevated region in southern Laos known for its relatively cool climate and high rainfall, which make the area perfect for coffee production. It has been grown by Mr. Bounkhong, who lives in Houay Soi village with his wife, children and grandchildren. Family Bounkhong’s carefully handpicked coffee beans have slowly ripened under the shade of natural tropical trees. This farming method brings various benefits for the coffee plants and is also the most ecological way of producing coffee. An elegant and soft coffee offers hints of cocoa and pecan.

Country: Laos
Region: Paksong, Champasak
Farm: Private smallholder farmer, is
participating Slow Forest Coffee’s project
Farmer: Mr. Bounkhong and the family
Varieties: Catimor
Growing Altitude: 1030 m
Processing: Washed


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